OH-MY-GAWD! So how did I not really know anything about this little television show called Nikita?! Okay wait let me be more specific—How did I not know that DEVON SAWA is on Nikita!!?

So bored out of my mind I started scouring Netflix and then choose to go ahead and watch this television show called Nikita starring the fabulous Maggie Q, which by the way that girl is h-o-t-t! Anyways, I ended up really liking the show. So time passes by I’m halfway into the series and low and behold my childhood celebrity crush Devon Sawa appears. I’m telling you I lost my shit. I mean I literally became 10 years old again and I’m still recovering. I was hesitant of even blogging about this because 
  1. It’s embarrassing
  2. I’m sure no one cares

but I just couldn’t resist plus I’m hoping it’s my little way of getting this "90’s girl problem" out of my head.

Little Giants (1994)
Now if you don’t know who Devon Sawa is you might remember him from films like Little Giants, Casper, Now and Then, Night of the Twisters, Final Destination, Slackers, SLC Punk and/or Idle Hands. Maybe?? Now you girls may remember him from Tiger Beat, 16, Teen Beat and BOP magazines. I know I do, that was the source of all my posters that I have to this day. Well anyways, since the early 2000’s he has basically been MIA so it’s really nice to see him back acting and still looking pretty hott

I’m officially now a hardcore fan of the show, which by the way is pretty intriguing in itself. It’s based on the 1990’s French film La Femme Nikita. So in general it’s your basic revenge/assassin story that manages to keep you excited for the next episode. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say what amplified my enthusiasm the most was Devon Sawa, I mean c’mon.

Some of you may remember my past post on my Celebrity Crushes well it’s 2012 now and I might need to reconsider/update…

Well since I have officially geeked out over my equivalent to today’s Justin Bieber I can move on with my life but I must ask and must know...



Melissa Bradley said...

This is a killer show and I love it. Maggie rocks as does Shane and Devon. He was such a cutie back in the 90's. I watched all those films.

My childhood crush had to be the band Duran Duran, specifically Roger Taylor, the drummer, and Charlie Sheen. He was brutally hot in Ferris Bueller's Day off. Yes,, I know he's gone to the land of tiger blood insanity, but back then, Dayum!!! Same goes for Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe.

Nicole✗✗ said...

@ Melissa
Oh yes he is such a cutie... I mean look at those eyes, haha!

HA, Charlie Sheen!! That's awesome, to be honest he really isn't all that bad looking plus he is kind of interesting now. I also agree with Tom Cruise who doesn't seem to age (just a little loco) and Rob Lowe- Oh good lord he is still hott. Have you seen him recently on Parks and Recreation?

Is it weird that I'm finding Tom Cruise a little crazy and not Sheen, hmm. : )

Erixsson said...

damn, i wich i hade a fit body like that... like it you got a new follower :D +1

Allison said...

Hahaha! I have Always had a crush on Ringo Starr. Always. ALWAYS. ...swoon.

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Hello there hottie :), he is too much.

Laura said...

I think he was cuter when he was little, but he is still good looking!


MRanthrope said...

last I saw of this guy was Idle Hands, where he got to feel up Jessica Alba (THE BASTARD!). I figured he ended up just like his character in SLC Punk and wondered around looking for drugs. haha. Glad he's alive and kind of buff now. Too bad his nose looks all busted though.

Paula said...

My childhood celebrity crush was Nick from Backstreet boys Leo Dicaprio, loved him in Titanic! I know, embarrassing!


Nicole✗✗ said...

@ Erixsson
Aww, thank you so much for the follow!!

@ Allison
Oh the Beatles! I have always loved John Lennon myself but who didn’t I guess, haha!

@ Tereza
Too cute I know! : )

@ Laura
Your right he was but it still works for me, haha!

@ MRanthrope
Actually, I think he did! I think he was MIA because of a drug/alcohol habit. I have seen pictures of him during that period and yeah eww but he has definitely made a comeback. Haha, yeah I thought his nose was a bit off too but it still works-he just looks tougher now : )

@ Paula
OMG! I loved Nick Carter too!! Shoot I still do. Same with Leo! Those aren’t embarrassing choices at all. You have great taste in my opinion. : )

Elle Sees said...

omg i cannot believe that is him!!! holy moly

Mouthwash said...

NO WAY!!! I had NO IDEA!!!!!

Freaking awesome. I was wondering what had happened to him!!


miimii said...

oh my gosh , he is so hot :o haha
mantenso xx

tuwentytri said...

he is so gorgeous hihi :)

Reg Rodriguez said...

OH MY GOD!!! OKAY, FIRST, I LOOOOVE NIKITA AND DEVON SAWA AND I WAS JUST AS EXCITED AS YOU WHEN HE FIRST MADE AN APPEARANCE!!! AND JUNIOR FROM LITTLE GIANTS WAS LIKE *THE* PRINCE CHARMING OF MY CHILDHOOD DAYS!!! SOOOO INGGIT OF ICEBOX, HAHAHAHA!!!! sorry for the allcaps, but I love them both and I haven't met anyone who both loves the show and has fond memories of teenage Devon Sawa! :)) and super random, but I wiki-d him after the latest episode and I found out he has Polish roots which made me love him more coz I spent almost 2 months in Poland and I looove the Polish <3 and I was like, ohhh oo nga noh, his last name sounds Polish! Warsaw is Warszawa kasi, hahaha it's malayo but, still :)) Hahahaha sorry for the super long and overly eager comment :))


Nicole✗✗ said...

@ Elle Sees
I know he has grown up for sure, haha!!

@ Mouthwash
I know!! I was so happy to see him back on screen. I hope it lasts!!

@ miimii
Haha, oh yes he is!

@ tuwentytri
He definitely is : )

@ Reg Rodriguez
YES!! You definitely share my enthusiasm!!! I’m so glad I’m not completely alone and don’t be sorry for being excited I absolutely LOVE IT!! You should have seen me when I first saw him on the show-Whew I flipped out, had to calm myself down and then realize I was acting 10 years old again, haha but I don’t care it was a sweet feeling of nostalgia. I didn’t know he was Polish-pretty awesome! Now I want to go to his Wikipedia page, haha, actually I think I’m going to right now. : P

LauraJean396 said...

OMG! I used to be obsessed with Devon Sawa! hahaha

oomph. said...

i absolutely LOVED the movie. i was excited about the show and watched the first few episodes of the tv series but never really got hooked. if it's on netflix, i will give it another try...especially since seeing this hunk :)


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Davidedym said...

omg i cannot believe that is him!!! holy moly

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